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I originally posted this on tumblr.
Working a 15 year old’s birthday. It’s reminded me of everything that’s wrong with capitalist society and the UK education system. The mainstream media and music perpetuates structural gender inequality: girls are sexualised and taught they must behave promiscuously to gain male attention, while simultaneously being labeled ‘slags’. Where is there education about consent? Where is the alternative to easily accessible porn, which teaches boys that they can treat women like objects and dismiss them as sluts if they don’t resist their advances, and as frigid if they do? It’s a perpetuation of patriarchy and rape culture that entrenches power inequality. We caught a girl giving a guy head in the toilets. That’s whatever you make of it, but the response of the rest of them was what got me. This (14 year old) boy with hickies all over his neck gets applauded as a hero sexual crusader (he’d brought in 6 condoms in his bag so god knows what he thought was gonna happen), but when they both got kicked out, the rest of em made light of the fact that the girl was gone, saying “it doesn’t matter, she’s a slag anyway”. Fucking symptomatic of a society that impresses on young people the idea that women don’t matter, are there to be used, and men need to be an unrealistic and strait jacketed version of “masculine” that conforms to totally unrealistic stereotypes portrayed in the media and the seedier corners of the internet.

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