Football Fascists

Di Canio’s appointment as Sunderland manager is a renewed demonstration of the worst elements of football. I love football, I think it’s a great sport, and I follow it closely. BUT the associated hooliganism both on and off the pitch is disgusting. I refer to hooliganism not only in the traditional sense associated with the beautiful game, but in terms of players’ salaries, managers, the whole corporate, elite-sponsored joyriding that takes place. And to say that politics is not a part of football is entirely unfounded, and shows a shallow understanding of the game. Football has classically been a working class sport, and has been used as a political tool in cultural colonialism, particularly in Africa. Nearly everyone I spoke to about football in Kenya supported one of the English top 5, and I know that trend is replicated across the continent. The idea that Sunderland can appoint a fascist to manage their club, and attempt to separate the act from politics, is rididulous. Everything is political, not least the hiring to a multi-million pound position. It is undeniable that racism is an unfortunate part of the culture, evident in recent cases regarding John Terry, among others. To separate fascism from racism is ¬†another step – perhaps best left to the inarticulate morons in the EDL who attempt to defend their position as ‘not racists’ to show its inaccuracy.


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