(Critical) Mass Arrests

Police repression isn’t uncommon in this country, nor this city; indeed, it’s particularly difficult to get away without a few bruises after a police encounter when the Met and/or TSG are involved, but the mass arrest of 182 cyclists on Friday is ridiculous. I mean, come on – critical mass has been going for ages without them getting involved (except for that incident in 2008 when they tried to get it banned and FAILED), but this only demonstrates how paranoid the organisers of the olympics (i.e. the ones with the money, which controls the sponsorship, which controls the games, which control the government, which controls the police.. ) are getting. Introducing new by-laws in Trafalgar Square – a human statue was arrested there yesterday, and 7 people were arrested last Friday for spilling custard on themselves – and using new security forces such as the Olympic Protection Squad (sounds like a swat team of fat, retired Met officers if I ever heard one) and heritage protection officers, and of course the army, shows how much the suits are crapping their pants.


The police have decided that their favourite (new – ha) tactic is repressing Londoners; impressing upon them draconian changes of behaviour to suit their new corporate suitors.. or maybe that should be the other way round.

Yet another thing to add to the list of why ACAB.

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