Ian Tomlinson killer walks free

Simon Harwood, the TSG officer who shoved Ian Tomlinson to the ground in an unprovoked attack that killed him, has received a not guilty verdict. 

It sickens me, but it comes a little surprise – the Met will always seek to preserve their reputation, and to protect those within their ranks, even if they have been repeatedly reported to be violent whilst on duty, as Harwood has. It’s symptomatic of a long-standing tradition of protecting those who commit crimes within the police – especially since Harwood was part of the elite TSG – no police officer has been convicted of manslaughter on duty since 1986 (Guardian, 2012).

When the institution that claims to protect people fails to convict a killer in its midst, it further highlights its ineptitude and redundancy as a protective force. How can they expect anyone to have faith in a police force that cannot see its own hypocrisy? I lost faith in the police long ago, but no doubt they’ll lose more over this. And rightly so. ACAB.


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