Front lines

Hmm. 3 of my favourite things in one go this week: private security, the army, and London 2012.


As much as I sympathise with service(wo)men who will have to work extra hours – no one needs that – the fact remains that private security is never going to live up to standards, and it was inevitable that the government would panic and try to fix the situation by deploying a heavy-handed approach. What are they expecting, nuclear apocalypse? In classic tactics, comparable to the over-zealous policing of demos and treatment protesters in recent years (austerity bites, man) the army are being flown in to shore up the dam of private companies’ incompetence. Capitalist endeavours, aiming to maximise profit, lead to fuck-ups and failures. And ultimately, losses for them.


So we’re gonna see an ultimately heavy approach to any dissent regarding the Olympics and its destruction of many parts of the East End, capitalist profiteering at the expense of communities (directly and indirectly, by diverting funds that could have been allocated to strengthening neighbourhoods and building positively), and a visually present armed forces on the streets.

I swear to god, it feels like we are going backwards, not forwards..




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