Diamond Mate.

The jubilee is pretty hard to get away from.

So. The ‘royal we’ owns 120,000ha of UK agricultural land and the seabed as the Crown Estate, which made nearly £150 k last year.

We pay about £35 mil each year, with the running of her household costing about £8m – the queen makes a profit from this figure quite a lot of the time – in the decade 2001-11 she made £35.3m off of us.

The queen is a tax dodger. She pays voluntary tax.. and after her mum died, dodged £20m worth of inheritance tax.
Including the Greater London Authority (~£2m), MoD, Met Police (both undisclosed, though the MoD are bringing a fucking gunship), Dept for Media, Culture and Sport (£100k) and Royal contributions (£1m – pretty minimal, considering it’s HER jubilee), the cost of the jubilee will be well into the millions.


So. Here’s to 60 golden years of state funded benefits, Liz.

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