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From Kashmir to Delhi, Moscow to Manchester, what is it that is following me?
by Irfan Syed, (Chair, Salford Interfaith Network and Co-Chair Salford Forum for Refugees)

Lush green mountains, deep lakes, fresh air and singing birds of Kashmir. I remember swimming in Dal Lake and setting up school camps in the woods of Pahalgam. These are the memories of my childhood.

As I grew something is following me. What is it? Lush green mountains started to become naked, the bottom of lakes started to show, rivers became drainage ditches. What is it? As I am getting older it is getting stronger. It is not my business. What is it?

Delhi is the place where I made my future. Did I really make my future? Concrete jungle, noise of electric motors pulling water from the heart of the earth. Something is still following me. What is it that is following…

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