I think I might just go and cry into a teacup

BoJo won. And Ken is gone for good. Not that I put him on a pedestal; there are a lot of negative aspects to Ken (bendy buses, tax evasion.. uh, other stuff) but he was the better devil. And besides, he gave under 18s free travel while it was still of use to me. The recent transport hikes are the focus of my criticism of BoJo – making everything astronomically more expensive, whilst encouraging car use. You can say that he promotes cycling, but have you ever tried to ride one of the Boris bikes? They’re heavy, clunky, and you definitely can’t weave through traffic on one of them, unlike on my beautiful speed demon.

On the bright side, it’s great that Jenny Jones came in 3rd place in front of the Lib Dems, and that the rest of the country has shown their disgust for the coalition – the Tories in particular. I’d be fairly happy if I was in the Ed Milli- band right about now. Even Norwich has gone Labour – retaining the traditional second spot for the Greens. In general, it seems to be a slightly brighter picture than before, but the fact remains that party politics is becoming increasingly irrelevant for a lot of people.

And TUSC dint do badly neither. All in all, I should stop being such a cynic. I guess.

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