I am so unbelievably angry.

I have had no bank cards or access to money in 6 weeks and my patience is wearing thin.

There is only so many times you can call up a customer service agent who bears no responsibility for the fuck-ups of other people and shout at them, politely.


And I cannot change bank.

The Co-op is the least of all evils.

I’m considering cancelling all my accounts and keeping my money in my sock drawer.


Fuck this capitalist oligarchy shit.





About shakkka

Londoner, climate scientist, extremist. All views are my own.

2 responses to “Banks”

  1. manchesterclimatemonthly says :

    Is this now sorted? Have you been in to a branch (is there one in Norwich?!)

    If not, I know a senior guy at Co-op Bank who is willing to look into it for you. Email with your email and so on and I will fwd to him…

    Best wishes

    Marc Hudson

    • shakkka says :

      Amazing, thank you. I’m pretty sure it’s still not sorted but I’ll make sure that’s still the case before I email!

      Thanks a lot


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