What would it be like if a general strike actually happened?
Awesome. I would imagine.
Considering the extent to which society is being eroded at the moment, it wouldn’t strike (ouch) me as odd if people start to get pissed off with how much the Tories are destroying everything. I say the Tories; really it’s more shorthand for politicians and the unreal realm they inhabit. A realm in which people can afford to pay for private healthcare, and be fine about losing their benefits and suffering pay cuts and redundancies. Capitalist ‘utopia’.
Normally I tire of the old trade unionists and their age-old techniques, failure to act on promises, and endless compromise. The way the SWP continue to pursue the same boring, useless and ineffective tactics to achieve change – petition, write letters, go on a dishearteningly minute demo, shiver in the cold while everyone listens to some geezer spout off on the megaphone for a while before introducing Tony Benn, and recruit, recruit, recruit. Because of course, a bigger party is a better party. Because of course a bigger SWP will be capable of TAKING OVER THE WORLD. Because of course, that would overthrow capitalism and alter the course of history, and the SWP platformists would be as famous as Trotsky.
Having said all of this, and hatred of the SWP aside, I do have faith in anger. Once enough people are riled up enough, something will boil over and happen. I have confidence that having a privatised NHS, transport infrastructure no one can afford, lower wages for more hours, fewer benefits and higher taxes for ordinary mortals while millionaires snigger into their caviar about their latest tax evasion schemes will bring about some kind of turning point soon.
Meanwhile, May Day isn’t so far off.
Bring back the General Strike!

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Londoner, climate scientist, extremist. All views are my own.

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