One day I want to do this. When I have had enough of the city and institutional learning and society. I want to be free in this way too!

Profane Existence

Over the last several years I’ve talked with punks who would work on organic farms through the summer, and I listened to their tales of farm life. I’ve since met people who have gone further with that desire to leave the cities and all the trappings of the modern world. Some have gone to work on farms, some just left the city for smaller communities, and there are those who made the leap and are truly living off the grid.

Over the next several weeks we will feature some of their stories. Here it Gretchen’s.

Escaping the Cesspool

By Gretchen Fawkette

What’s so punk about living in the bush? Sitting around twiddling your thumbs in isolation. The city is where the fun is. It’s where the action is. There’s shows, bike rides, dumpsters, Food Not Bombs, people to bum change off of, people who share your ideologies about Anarchism, Feminism…

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