Housing benefit cap

“if you can’t afford to live here, don’t expect to live here”. “To live in Westminster is a privilege, not a right, because so many people want to live here,”

An official for Westminster Council said that. So, we’re creating new elites are we? Little Lichtenstein in London? Letting money dictate where we can live, the quality of our lives, the treatment we receive at the hands of the authorities? For thousands of families that are getting evicted as a result of the housing benefit cap, that doesn’t seem anywhere near fair. All that this is, is a thinly disguised Tory ghettoisation policy, aimed at cutting corners as well as costs – Barking and Dagenham is facing a huge influx of people who cannot afford to live anywhere else, but it cannot perform the magic Mary Poppins expanding borough feat for much longer.

Jesus this makes me angry.

When did I step into a time machine?


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Londoner, climate scientist, extremist. All views are my own.

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