This is nice.

He let go of her hand with a knowing smile

stopping for her favourite tree on the mile

sending a kiss to the sky

she whispers her goodbye.

the winter sun had not yet begun to rise

heads still heavy holding bleary eyes

in the early hours they lay breathless

blind and bodies intwined they confess.

with a wide smile and glittering eyes

they pass a man singing his goodbyes

she skips while his stomach churns

too sick to smoke it just burns

and he yearns

not to go back to the sea.

Their two way radio romance

destined to dance its last dance

komrades on the verge of freedom,

kiss me quick. lover please do come.

their adventures became the talk of most

as they had to explain fleeing to the coast.

he came from the tide

and she his london pride

They’re rebel souls longing to escape

to run wild again

instead of listen to a police tape

to escape and be sort of lovers

spending long afternoons hiding under the covers.

– JC

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Londoner, climate scientist, extremist. All views are my own.

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