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This is where I live.


"make lemonade"

I'll fetch the scissors


It feels like an onslaught from the Tory government. A coordinated attack on the way things are (which aren’t all great, but they are being made a hell of a lot worse).

The slashing of EMA, the hiking of university fees, cuts to the education budget whilst Michael Gove suggests the taxpayer buys the queen a new yacht for the diamond jubilee. A commodification of education – this government would rather see students as customers, as consumers, as fodder for the capitalist engine, than as human beings who want to┬álearn.

The dismantling of the NHS, incremental privatisation and outsourcing of public services, contracting of police services and stations out to the private sector. That’s well outside of the IPCC jurisdiction, and even shit as it is, that represents a problem. This is continual erosion of society at the hands of government; if they want to see an angry, worn-down generation, they will see it.

The drastically reducing benefits to those on disability benefits, the losses to other social welfare payments, to pensions, the slave labour under the Workfare scheme forced on those who are struggling to find viable employment after emerging from education or from previous jobs from which they have been sacked as a result of the Tory’s ‘austerity Britain’.

I feel like some Orwellian observer.

Shit is gonna go down.

In some ways I’m scared, in some I’m angry, and in some I’m excited.