From 'Prosperity without Growth' (2009) by Tim Jackson, Chapter 12, pp 202


“Change can be expressed through the way we live, the things we buy, how we travel, where we invest our money, how we spend our leisure time. It can be achieved through our work. It can be influenced by the way we vote and the democratic pressure we exercise on our leaders. It can be expressed through grass-roots activism and community engagement. The pursuit of an individual frugality, a voluntary simplicity, is considerable.”

After getting to the last chapter of the book and feeling like I wanted to eat it with joy, I decided to memorialise this quote. The fact that this is an economist who presents two options for dealing with our economic and environmental problems (reform of capitalist structures or revolution) and the fact that he presents them as so interlinked, rightly, was something I found hopeful. I think it is a rare economist who will head a section with ‘The end of Capitalism?’ and argue that it is a good thing…

I’ve been reading more economics of late than I would normally enjoy, but I find myself gravitating towards environmental/economic/political writing at the moment. It’s all important stuff.


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