I write my dreams down so i can remember them. The day that I can finally read them all will be a good one. I can’t wait. 


Will probably have to explain the large quantities of violence and bleak, evil themes to myself. Context helps. 


Sometimes they’re fun. Like going charity shopping and cooking christmas dinner for my Geography teacher. Possibly the most inspirational person in my life so far. He was 4 hours late in the dream. I suspect shit like that would not be tolerated in reality, even now. I wonder..



About shakkka

Londoner, climate scientist, extremist. All views are my own.

2 responses to “Dreams”

  1. G! (gyasi) says :

    i had a dream about you and noelle recently, where your flat had a complete overhaul, it was like an amazingly ornate Disney house. (i cannot over exaggerate the ornate part) and your mum had a herb garden in the kitchen with a gate, which i fell in love with.

    we (you me, my and your friends) decided to play hide and seek in your flat, which turn in to a furious, yet hilarious game of chase!! but then i thought we should stop the game i didn’t wanna damage any of your new abode! i then awoke!!

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