Norwich needs something.. a squatted social centre. Or something new. Or cool. Don’t get me wrong, I love Norwich – love the lanes, love the fact that it’s so small (although I’m still thoroughly baffed every time I think I’m gonna be walking for tiiime and end up where I wanna be in 10 minutes) and I think it’s got tons of charm. BUT the pubs are just like Shoreditch (priceyyy) most of the time and I have to say it’s an incredibly white middle-class town. What’s that about? I’m not used to seeing so much Caucasian-ness everywhere all the time and it bugs me.

What’s lacking is suttin like a nice social centre like OK cafe in Manc that does things like make food for people from skipped waste and provide a space for people to do creative and exciting and political things in a friendly environment. Or something along those lines, any way. We’re losing all the social centres everywhere – there used to be one for every compass point in London, now only Grow Heathrow is left and the eviction date is 2 weeks from now. I reckon there needs to be more springing up all over the place – obviously it’s hard, and a lot of work, but it’s so worth it. Collective action and all that. Occupy Norwich is heartening, at least. Whatever you think of it, every time I walk past there are more people (‘ordinary’ people, I might add) queuing up to sign the guest book, to find out more about what’s going on there. The whole Occupy movement is great – regardless of your degree of radicalness, it can’t be denied that getting a huge amount of (again, ‘ordinary’) people on board is fantastic – union leaders and doctors and librarians and estate agents and – Julian Assange – milling around. I can’t claim to know a great deal about the WallSt and Oakland stuff, my expertise being on the London slash Norwich (to some extent) but from what I have seen, it seems to be achieving the same kind of stuff, if not having even more of a positive influence.

What can we do? Whatever we can I guess…



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